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Resource Guide: Supplier Partnering and Alliances

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  • Supplier Relationship Management for Collaboration, Impact and Business Success.
    ISM Seminar.
    To order, call ISM Customer Service at 800/888-6276, ext. 401.
    Gain a competitive advantage with improved profits by reducing lead time and total cost through collaboration with suppliers.

  • Achieving Value-Add Through Supply Alliances.
    ISM Knowledge Center online course.
    To order, go to
    This course focuses on understanding the scope, structure, and dynamics of strategic relationships and discusses how to evaluate, negotiate, implement, and monitor / manage alliance relationships in your organization.

  • Managing and Improving Supplier Performance.
    Richard G. Weissman. ISM Self-Study Workbook. 2005.
    To order, call ISM Customer Service at 800/888-6276, ext. 401.
    Learn the methods necessary to harness the collective power of your supply base.

  • The Supply Management Process — Volume I of the ISM Knowledge Series.
    Dr. Alan Raedels, C.P.M. September, 2000.
    To order, call ISM Customer Service: 800/888-6276, Ext. 401
    The Supply Management Process centers on the fundamentals of the purchasing and supply field. This text reviews the critical elements of the requisition process, cost analysis and management, sourcing and supplier evaluation, the competitive bidding process, legal issues, and sample contract terms and conditions. Each chapter concludes with a summary of key points as well as review questions.

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