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The objectives of the Group are to foster and promote interchange of ideas and cooperation among its members; to disseminate information of interest and benefit to its members on subjects such as purchasing fundamentals, marketing, management, finance, market trends, various chemical products, materials management, distribution and transportation; to foster ethical supply management practices; to encourage the institution of courses and seminars in schools and other organizations for the practical training of supply management professionals and to strive by all legitimate means to advance the supply management profession in the chemical industry.


As technology advances, industries throughout the world require increasing quantities of chemicals to produce various products, the world demands. As a result chemicals have grown more important to the economy and national defences. Buyers who purchase these materials must be kept informed of the many changes affecting the chemical industry.

It is the aim of the Chemical Group to develop and disseminate information to chemical buyers so that they may become more effective in their jobs. An equally important goal of Group programs is to aid members in their own personal growth and development.

General Information:


Dear ISM Chemical Group Members and Guests:


As the Chair of the Group, I have had many opportunities at our Conferences to "network" and learn from other procurement professionals. These interactions have proven to be extremely valuable to me on a personal and professional level and I strongly encourage you to come and participate in our Group's activities. I hope that you access our Web site often to see what our organization has to offer.

I look forward to meeting each of you at our Conferences. Meanwhile, please browse through our Web site to get further information on our forthcoming activities.


Paul Kane,C.P.M., CPIM Chair, ISM Chemical Group

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