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Advertise With ISM  – January 24, 2019 ISM offers advertisers more ways to reach powerful procurement and supply professionals than anywhere else. Using any of ISM's many media channels for your message will give you access to a membership base consisting of dedicated, diverse and dynamic individuals with spending power of more than US$10 million for their organization.
ISM<sup>&reg;</sup> Makes Annual Adjustments to Seasonal Factors for Manufacturing PMI<sup>&reg;</sup>, Non-Manufacturing NMI<sup>&reg;</sup> and Diffusion Indexes  – January 24, 2019 Based on input from an outside third party, Institute for Supply Management™ recently announced the completion of its annual adjustments to the seasonal factors used in the monthly Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) Manufacturing Report On Business® and the monthly Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) Non-Manufacturing Report On Business®.
ISM Indirect  – December 10, 2018 The money you spend to keep your organization running adds up fast. Marketing, fleet, human resources and other indirect expenses often dont receive the same scrutiny as direct ones, even though they may comprise 50% of a companys purchases.
ISM Diversity  – December 10, 2018 The long-term success and competitiveness of an organization depends upon having a diverse group of talent that can drive innovation through diversity of thought, skills and experience. According to a McKinsey study, diverse organizations financially outperform industry norms by 35%. ISM DIVERSITY 2019 brings together professionals from wide-ranging backgrounds to encourage and grow diversity in the supply management field.
ISM 30 Under 30  – December 10, 2018 The ISM 30 Under 30 Supply Chain Stars is a recognition program that acknowledges young purchasing/supply chain management professionals who deserve to be applauded for their passion, creativity and contributions to supply chain.
ISM 2019  – December 10, 2018 Join more than 2,500 global supply chain and procurement professionals at ISM2019, Institute for Supply Managements (ISM) Annual Conference. This year will spark creative thinking with over 70 breakout sessions, conversations with peers, inspiration while listening to thought leaders and solutions while meeting with over 100 leading industry suppliers.
ECONOMIC GROWTH CONTINUES IN 2019  – December 10, 2018
ISMs Affiliate Advisory Council  – December 06, 2018 This Council will facilitate a substantive, ongoing dialogue between ISM and its U.S. affiliates with a focus on affiliate growth and vitality, development and implementation of a short and long term agenda and serving as the peer-to-peer network affiliate leaders can use to share best practices and help resolve local issues.
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