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Supplier Relationship Management  – March 08, 2019 ISM Seminars - Can you imagine the power of suppliers being key in your organizational success? This seminar will provide strategies and models to optimize the performance of your suppliers. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is the process by which an organization works with its suppliers to accomplish common goals or objectives. Through partnering with internal stakeholders to segment and manage supplier relationships, the supply management professional will identify and execute relationship strategies to improve overall efficiency, performance, accountability, compliance and value.
Project Management: Optimize Processes & Performance  – March 08, 2019 ISM Seminars - Take control of your organizations capital spend budget. This popular seminar will help you purchase high-dollar capital equipment while minimizing risk and maximizing profits. The seminar focuses on achieving organizational objectives by enhancing the capital expenditures process and determining when to use lease-versus-buy alternatives.
Legal Considerations of Software Licensing, Data and Other Technology-Related Agreements  – March 08, 2019 ISM Seminars - Want to be the go-to person in your organization for technology purchasing and contracting? Supply management professionals know technology-related agreements require special skills, especially when it come to drafting licensing agreements that ensure support, maintenance, warranty and software updates. This seminar will help you understand the legalities that affect technology and e-commerce procurement. It will delve into issues such as intellectual property protection, key contract components for complex buys, and statements of work for electronic projects and contracts.
Government Contracting & Public Procurement Law  – March 08, 2019 ISM Seminars - The complex and unique relationship between procurement law and government contracts requires in depth understanding of statutes, policies and their interpretations Youll learn the legal framework in which the contracting process is conducted and the range of federal statutes that affect the contracting process. Youll also explore a variety of regulations that govern the process as well as the impact of judicial and administrative review on government contracting.
CPSM<sup>&reg;</sup> Exam Review  – March 08, 2019 ISM Seminars - This review course will help prepare supply management professionals to take the CPSM Exam. Participants will gain an understanding of the CPSM programs and of the breadth of content covered in each of the three exams.
Contracting for Services  – March 08, 2019 ISM Seminars - Take your contracting skills up a notch with this advanced contracting seminar. It will build upon your solid contract knowledge and take it a step further by focusing on how to construct effective customized agreements. The seminar reviews numerous contracts clauses and their uses in various situations, including services, software, construction and e-commerce. It also addresses contracts from a global perspective.
Commodity Teams: Leveraging Value Across the Entire Organization  – March 08, 2019 ISM Seminars - Increase value at your organization with the effective, strategic use of commodity teams. This advanced seminar offers targeted information on how to organize and use commodity teams with a focus on increasing value. Youll also learn effective team-building and participation skills as well as how to measure and report the value your organization can deliver to the entire company.
Category Management: Cost and Leveraging Strategies for Supply Professionals  – March 08, 2019 ISM Seminars - Looking to improve your organizations strategic approach to managing spend? This seminar will put you on the road to using spend analysis and proven category management techniques to their full advantage. Find out how to remove cost and leverage value from spend categories. Youll also gain insight into where the field is headed and why sophisticated category management skills are a must for todays top professionals.
Category Management: Analyze the Data, Strategize your Plan, Deliver Big Results  – March 08, 2019 ISM Seminars - As a category manager, you assess demand for a product or service across your organization and find innovative ways to reduce cost and increase the competitiveness of the enterprise. This hands-on workshop will put you on the fast-track to using spend analysis and proven category management techniques to their full advantage. Youll participate in practical exercises, utilizing tools and methods for immediate implementation on the job.
Applying Strategic Sourcing Principles to Indirect Procurement  – March 07, 2019 ISM Seminars - As supply managements role in services procurement evolves, its important for professionals to keep up with current trends and strategies in this key category. This seminar will ensure you have all the up-to-date tools and insights. It explores strategic sourcing methods and technologies for the service spend and supply base. Youll learn about tools and techniques for writing effective statements of work and managing contracts. Case studies about service spend not traditionally sourced by supply management will be analyzed and discussed, offering unique insights into services procurement.
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