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Category Management: Cost and Leveraging Strategies for Supply Professionals  – April 23, 2018 ISM Seminars - Looking to improve your organizations strategic approach to managing spend? This seminar will put you on the road to using spend analysis and proven category management techniques to their full advantage. Find out how to remove cost and leverage value from spend categories. Youll also gain insight into where the field is headed and why sophisticated category management skills are a must for todays top professionals.
Board Member - George Chang  – April 23, 2018
ISM Finance Committee  – April 23, 2018
Supplier Relationship Management for Collaboration, Impact and Business Success  – April 23, 2018 ISM Seminars - Looking for a competitive advantage and a proven method to improve profits? Communicating and collaborating with suppliers in a mature supplier relationship management (SRM) program could be the answer. This seminar examines key aspects of a world-class SRM program from the key elements that make up a mature program to the critical steps in developing trust. It explores how an SRM program can reduce lead-time, and the total cost of acquisition, transportation and possession of goods and services for all parties. It might just be the competitive advantage your organization is seeking.
Negotiation Strategies: Beyond the Basics, Optimizing Value  – April 23, 2018 ISM Seminars - Improve your negotiating skills and strategy. This seminar can significantly increase your negotating advantage so you can aggressively identify and capitalize on opportunities. This three-day seminar is designed for the professional who wants to learn advanced, value-focused negotiating skills. It will help you optimize value at the negotiating table and get results.
Legal Foundations of Supply Management: The Basics You Need to Succeed  – April 23, 2018 ISM Seminars - A broad understand of legal concepts that impact supply management is a must for todays professionals. From ethics to e-commerce, legal issues play a key role in the supply chain. This seminar will help practitioners understand the laws that affect their work with suppliers and customers. It will examine various aspects of contract law, international contracts and electronic communications. When you complete this seminar, you will have a solid legal foundation to better protect yourself and your organization.
Fundamentals of Strategic Sourcing  – April 23, 2018 ISM Seminars - You have the fundamentals down, now its time to take the next step. This seminar is an excellent follow- up to the Fundamentals of Purchasing because it offers the knowledge you need to succeed as you grow in your supply management career. This strategic-focused seminar offers hands-on exercises using quadrant analysis and supplier evaluations. It also examines how to developing content for a service-related RFP.
ISM Board of Directors  – April 17, 2018