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Guide to Supply Chain Management: How Getting It Right Boosts Corporate Performance (The Economist)  – October 22, 2010 This guide provides a clear framework for supply chain management, with numerous examples and performance benchmarks to help boost the bottom line with a real-world view of how leading companies are putting supply chain management into practice for a proven advantage. It is especially geared for C-level management and their senior managers.
The Execution Premium: Linking Strategy to Operations for Competitive Advantage  – October 22, 2010 Industry leaders have realized that having systematic processes reduces risk, prevents oversights, and assures the best chance of delivering results. The authors or this book show that companies using a formal system for implementing strategy consistently outperform their peers. This book provides a comprehensive six-step management system for companies to sustain world-class strategy execution. ISM reviewer comment: "The book focuses on an important point that supply managers sometimes lose sight of and should be aware of — the importance of linking their operations to and supporting overall company strategy and direction, and the actual development and execution of those linkages. A well-organized and comprehensive guide ... most useful for senior management but a process that purchasing and supply managers would also find valuable."
The 20% Solution: A Practical Guide to Dramatic Cost Reduction in MROP Procurement  – October 22, 2010 In this book, the author identifies and shows readers how to reduce the maintenance, repair, operating and production supplies (MROP) costs involved in indirect procurement for businesses of all sizes and types. The book cites proven techniques and includes numerous case studies that focus on the often-missed opportunities for innovation in MROP procurement. ISM reviewer comment: "Basic procurement theory applied to MRO requirements using a supply management mentality. Roth uses a cross-functional approach and advocates continuing that collaboration with chosen suppliers...a worthwhile read for multiple levels of supply chain professionals, from entry-level to department manager."
Supply Chain Cost Management: The Aim &amp; Drive<sup>&reg;</sup> Process for Achieving Extraordinary Results  – October 22, 2010 This book introduces the process the author has used to save billions of dollars for major corporations by harnessing the knowledge of suppliers. Using real-life case examples, the book outlines some of the problems with cost management and provides tools for managers to implement this powerful system. ISM reviewer comment: "This book is very tactical in terms of cost details. The content is largely mathematical and analytical."
Distribution Channels: Understanding and Managing Channels to Market  – October 22, 2010 This book explores how a business can succeed in its distribution activities through understanding its go-to-market partners' business models. It demonstrates the importance of business models and provides key information about the key players in distribution chains, taking into account both tactical and strategic dimensions of channel economics. ISM reviewer comment: "This book is meant for managers engaged in marketing, selling and distributing the products and services generated by other companies. Its main strength is in its all-inclusive coverage of applying traditional business models to this area of business. It is particularly solid in the application of financial models to ensure sound decisions in facilitating the sustainability of the business."
Leading Effective Supply Chain Transformations: A Guide to Sustainable World-Class Capability and Results  – October 14, 2010 This book focuses on concepts that are true to its title — leading, transforming, sustainability, and gaining results. Written with a practical and useful slant, it provides insights on the motivation for transformation, details on how to manage it, and the tools to make it happen. It points to the essential keys for success in preparing a supply chain organization to bring value to the enterprise. Appendices are included to assist in transformation visioning, benchmarking, and assessing transformation maturity.
Hands-on Inventory Management  – September 09, 2010 This book shows principle keys to developing an inventory management process to meet customer needs while keeping inventory costs at a level reasonable enough to make a profit. The text explains inventory principles, calculations and techniques using real-world examples, and places emphasis on the prerequisites needed for success with inventory approaches in various industries.
Single Point of Failure: The Ten Essential Laws of Supply Chain Risk Management  – September 09, 2010 This book describes ten vital laws to successfully identify, measure, mitigate and finance risk, with guidance for establishing a risk management program, avoiding bad decisions, and gathering better information and data to make good decisions. ISM reviewer comments: "Geared not only for supply chain managers, but toward executives to whom supply chain reportsVery thorough, comprehensive look at the topic of business riskthe 10-step process allows a complex topic to be broken into manageable pieces."
The Supply-Based Advantage: How to Link Suppliers to Your Organization's Corporate Strategy  – September 09, 2010 A blend of both modern techniques and old-fashioned fundamentals showing readers how they can incorporate suppliers into their business strategy, this book combines best practices with sound theory and clear examples from leading organizations. It provides step-by-step techniques for the planning, design, building and implementation phases of changing supply-base management approaches. ISM reviewer comments: "This book covers important best practices in supplier managementfull of real-world examplesgood insights into cross-functional support and cooperation, and what it really means to have senior management and other functions believe in the supply-based advantage. Very valuable and practical book."
Supply Chain Management Best Practices (2nd ed.)  – September 09, 2010 This second edition features relevant and timely new chapters on keeping your supply chain lean and green, and describes in detail how you can build a best in class supply chain, with examples from supply chain practitioners and experts in the field. The book contains numerous anecdotes, interviews, case studies, research and analysis. ISM reviewer comment: "The book likely contains many examples from the first edition (published in 2007) This book truly is an end-to-end look at supply chain management...very readable."