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Online Learning  – June 19, 2019 ISM Online Learning Landing Page
Negotiation Strategies: Beyond the Basics, Optimizing Value  – June 17, 2019 ISM Seminars - Improve your negotiating skills and strategy. This seminar can significantly increase your negotating advantage so you can aggressively identify and capitalize on opportunities. This three-day seminar is designed for the professional who wants to learn advanced, value-focused negotiating skills. It will help you optimize value at the negotiating table and get results.
Legal Foundations of Supply Management: The Basics You Need to Succeed  – June 17, 2019 ISM Seminars - A broad understand of legal concepts that impact supply management is a must for todays professionals. From ethics to e-commerce, legal issues play a key role in the supply chain. This seminar will help practitioners understand the laws that affect their work with suppliers and customers. It will examine various aspects of contract law, international contracts and electronic communications. When you complete this seminar, you will have a solid legal foundation to better protect yourself and your organization.
Contracting: What all the T's & C's Mean  – June 17, 2019 ISM Seminars - When it comes to contracting, understanding terms and conditions is essential. Without this key skill, supply management professionals could be placing their organizations in jeopardy. This popular and essential seminar thoroughly addresses many of the standard terms found in most contracts. It also examines the impact of electronic purchasing. Discussions delve into key terminology, clauses that can be used in drawing up agreements, and examples of contract language. The seminar even offers a hands-on approach because participants are encouraged to bring their own contracts, clauses, and/or purchase orders for review.
Contracting: Beyond the Basics  – June 17, 2019 ISM Seminars - Take your contracting skills up a notch with this advanced contracting seminar. It will build upon your solid contract knowledge and take it a step further by focusing on how to construct effective customized agreements. The seminar reviews numerous contracts clauses and their uses in various situations, including services, software, construction and e-commerce. It also addresses contracts from a global perspective.
Category Management: Analyze the Data, Strategize your Plan, Deliver Big Results  – June 17, 2019 ISM Seminars - As a category manager, you assess demand for a product or service across your organization and find innovative ways to reduce cost and increase the competitiveness of the enterprise. This hands-on workshop will put you on the fast-track to using spend analysis and proven category management techniques to their full advantage. Youll participate in practical exercises, utilizing tools and methods for immediate implementation on the job.
Fundamentals of Purchasing: The Building Blocks of World-Class Professionalism  – June 17, 2019 ISM Seminars - Begin with the fundamentals and build a foundation for world-class professionalism. This seminar starts with key procurement and supply management concepts and moves to leading-edge supply chain issues affecting worldwide organizations. Through a variety of interactive methods, participants will explore innovative techniques and effective tools to become a valuable asset to their organizations. This foundational seminar will give you the confidence to effectively perform your job.
ISM Seminars  – June 14, 2019 ISM offers over 20 seminar topics geared toward every level of supply management. Offered in person or online, ISM seminars give you the knowledge you need to succeed. Generate positive outcomes in your career.
ISM Minutes/Reports  – June 12, 2019 Members-Only Content
The most recent Minutes and Reports from the Institute for Supply Management are available from this page.
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