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Corporate Services  – May 25, 2018 The ISM Corporate Program helps companies meet their business imperatives by offering Professional Membership to their entire supply management staff, including subsidiaries globally, unique business environment insights and the power to invest in employee professional development.
Templates  – May 24, 2018 Members-Only Content
Need help with creating and maintaining your bylaws, rules of management and other documents? Take advantage of the various templates available to your Affiliate, Group or Forum.
About the ISM Professional Groups & Forums  – May 22, 2018 ISM Groups and Forums are composed of members with common interests for education and networking in various topics.
Directories  – May 22, 2018
Guided Learning  – May 21, 2018
CPSM<sup>&reg;</sup> Exam Review  – May 18, 2018 ISM Seminars - This review course will help prepare supply management professionals to take the CPSM Exam. Participants will gain an understanding of the CPSM programs and of the breadth of content covered in each of the three exams.
Government Contracting & Public Procurement Law  – May 18, 2018 ISM Seminars - The complex and unique relationship between procurement law and government contracts requires in depth understanding of statutes, policies and their interpretations Youll learn the legal framework in which the contracting process is conducted and the range of federal statutes that affect the contracting process. Youll also explore a variety of regulations that govern the process as well as the impact of judicial and administrative review on government contracting.
2018 ISM Salary Survey Brief Summary  – May 17, 2018 The Institute for Supply Management® (ISM) surveyed supply management professionals during February and March 2018 to determine average salaries in the supply management profession. This report presents the results of that survey based upon salaries earned during the 2017 calendar year. Summary information is reported here.