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World Class Supply Management


David N. Burt
David N. Burt, University of San Diego, (619) 260-4894
Stephen L. Starling
Stephen L. Starling, University of San Diego, (619) 260-7596

87th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2002 - San Francisco, CA

World Class Supply Management is the philosophy of continuously improving the process of design, development, and management of an organization’s supply system, with the objective of improving the bottom line. The terminology of "world class" recognizes that companies compete in an existing or impending global environment. As a philosophy, World Class Supply Management spans functional boundaries and company borders. The philosophy of World Class Supply Management requires change driven by upper management to shift decision-making processes from an internal department or single company focus toward optimization of the supply chain. Through continuous improvement, World Class Supply Management is an ever-moving target that focuses on supply chain process improvement. World Class Supply Management requires the development and management of institutional trust. World Class Supply Management involves purchasing, but is far more strategic. A world-class supply manager is not departmentally or internally focused, but concentrates on proactively improving processes with the long-term goal of upgrading the competitive capability of the firm and the firm’s supply chain.

World Class Supply Management — 95 KB (PDF)