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Supply Management and Project Management: Bridging the Gap


Jeffery A. White, C.P.M.
Jeffery A. White, C.P.M., President, J.A. White & Associates, Inc., Columbia, SC 29212, 803/407/1399,

87th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2002 - San Francisco, CA

Why is it that supply managers often encounter barriers when trying to support the needs of specific projects within the organization? Many supply managers can trace the source of these barriers to the actual project management function. In order to understand why barriers between the supply management function and the project management function may exist, one must first obtain a sound background on the actual basics of project management. Likewise, a good project manager aims to acquire at least a working knowledge of the supply function within an organization. This paper and supporting formal presentation will discuss the origins of modern project management. They will also introduce some of the cutting-edge techniques used in the field today. They will compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two functions. This will help supply managers to gain an understanding of the typical constraints that project managers experience. Once supply managers are aware of these constraints, they can begin to evaluate techniques that can be used to improve communications between themselves and the project management function.

Supply Management and Project Management: Bridging the Gap — 19 KB (PDF)