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Can We Afford to Outsource Our Ethics?


William J. Wagner. C.P.M. Senior Consultant (retired)
William J. Wagner. C.P.M. Senior Consultant (retired), BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. Atlanta, GA. 30328, 770 395-0440

87th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2002 - San Francisco, CA

Our profession’s current ethical doctrine (Principles & Standards of Purchasing Practices) is expressed in a setting between a purchasing professional, his/her employer, and a supplier. The temptations, snares, risks, as well as the standards of a purchasing professional are presented in this setting. This one-on-one setting between a buyer and a supplier is becoming obsolete and is no longer adequate to meet the needs of new ethical dilemmas in a supply management setting. We now have the emergence of networks of enterprises competing against other networks. These Next Generation Enterprises (NGE) consist of multiple firms that are linked together with eBusiness tools and operating as a synchronized collaborative enterprise or network. In today’s environment the firms in just one NGE may represent many different countries and cultures. Competition is growing between these NGE’s as firms’ team up to meet customer expectations.

Can We Afford to Outsource Our Ethics? — 25 KB (PDF)