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How to Enhance Your Reputation as a Supply Manager


Liz Simpson
Liz Simpson, Founder, HeartWork, Tel: 512 477 5497;
Nick Little
Nick Little, Assistant Director, Executive Development Programs, Michigan State University, Tel: 517 432 2086;

88th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2003 - Nashville, TN

In today’s collaborative business environment there is more to enhancing your reputation as a supply manager than having superior technical ability. The relationships we must form with subordinates, bosses, peers, customers and suppliers don’t just hinge on what we know but how well our personalities, motivations and work styles align with, complement and compel others to help us achieve key objectives. As never before, organizations are recognizing that experience and working knowledge are only part of what turns a group into a team, and a manager into a leader. The other factors are interpersonal and without them no professional reputation or corporate success can be maintained for long. People buy into people first, their message is secondary.

How to Enhance Your Reputation as a Supply Manager — 19 KB (PDF)