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Procurement Outsourcing: Finally Reaching the Status of a Proven Paradigm


Charlie Villasenor
Charlie Villasenor, CEO & President, TransProcure, +(63)9178909371/ +(632)892-4301;

89th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2004 - Philadelphia, PA

Business Process Outsourcing is not only accepted now but expected in today’s marketplace. This session highlights how Procurement Outsourcing operations is being considered just as Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Customer Service/Call Centers and similar areas are already in place and has reached the status of a proven paradigm. Continuing cost pressure will drive companies to doing more with less; procurement will be more on the spotlight and therefore, companies would like to see focusing on their core business. Many companies are outsourcing and are moving many of their back-office operations overseas. Although most Fortune 500 corporations have implemented some form of eProcurement, outsourcing and strategic sourcing, one significant area of opportunity is exploring Procurement Outsourcing overseas especially in the Philippines, India and China. It is also most important to understand what aspect can be outsourced especially in procurement when it is done offshore. The big revelation is: There can be a lot to be outsource! The principal challenge will be to derived more than cost savings. Procurement outsourcing is a powerful weapon that many leading companies will use to create and build new and strategic competitive advantages.

Procurement Outsourcing: Finally Reaching the Status of a Proven Paradigm — 19 KB (PDF)