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Managing Your Employability


Kathi M. Jobkar, C.P.M.
Kathi M. Jobkar, C.P.M., Manager, Strategic Sourcing, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated, 412-252-3172,

89th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2004 - Philadelphia, PA

Our workplaces have changed so much over the last 10 years. Businesses are striving harder than ever to be successful, and often the first step that companies take to assure profitability is to downsize its workforce. Repeated downsizing efforts dig deep into the core of a company’s workforce, very often resulting in the elimination of highly skilled employees. It frequently appears that the employees have no control and that they are disposable. If you are on the receiving end of a downsizing effort, it can be devastating, both monetarily and emotionally.

Managing Your Employability — 50 KB (PDF)