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Managing Your CEO: Communication and Support


Lowell M. Hoffman
Lowell M. Hoffman, Principal, Global Sourcing Solutions and Adjunct Research Professor, Kenan-Flagler School of Business, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 919-933-5053

89th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2004 - Philadelphia, PA

Purchasing has many customers and stakeholders; none more important than your own CEO. Most multi-function initiatives begin with a statement of objectives or requirements, none more popular than “build executive support”. Such support is indeed vital for any commitment of resources whether staff time or financial investment. Lack of such support is often cited as a reason for project failure. Purchasing and Supply Management departments have never been more visible as they drive cost reduction strategies throughout the supply chain. However, lasting department and personal success will not be maintained by reported cost savings alone. A program of well conceived and business relevant communications and metrics is vital. This paper will outline a number of proven and provocative principles on which a successful CEO relationship can be built and the requisite degree of support can be assured.

Managing Your CEO: Communication and Support — 22 KB (PDF)