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Interpreting the Numbers: From Data to Design


William Elenbark
William Elenbark, Consultant, Gross & Associates, 732-636-2666;
Robert Muller
Robert Muller, Industrial Engineer, Gross & Associates, 732-636-2666;

91st Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2006 - Minneapolis, MN

The design of a distribution center in a supply chain network depends on the proper analysis of the storage and handling requirements of the products to be stored. The best way to determine these requirements is through an extensive analysis of the historical data for the company, including inventories, movements, and receiving and shipping characteristics, as well as accurate projections for future growth of individual company product lines. Many steps can be taken during this analysis to convert the information into design criteria which will be used to determine how, when, and where each product will be stored and handled. In this way, the resulting distribution center can be used to effectively fulfill customer orders with the most efficient method.

Interpreting the Numbers: From Data to Design — 55 KB (PDF)