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Hitting Home Runs: Supply Managers as Supplier Diversity MVPs


Joan N. Kerr
Joan N. Kerr, Executive Director – Supplier Diversity Programs, AT&T, 925/824-5507,

91st Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2006 - Minneapolis, MN

Procurement Managers today are seen as critical players in delivering cost savings, better quality products and services, and higher supplier diversity results in the supply chain. Sometimes the pressure to win on all three fronts seems like an impossible objective.

Fortunately, many procurement managers are meeting this challenge today and are achieving winning corporate supplier diversity results along with higher quality and bigger cost savings. Whether your job title is contract manager, strategic sourcing manager or supply manager, when you are up at the plate, you have the chance to deliver a home run that drives in all three competitive advantages. This presentation will highlight some winning plays and will lay out the strategy for becoming a supplier diversity MVP.

Hitting Home Runs: Supply Managers as Supplier Diversity MVPs — 33 KB (PDF)