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Creating Value through Mentoring and Networking


Lori A. Sisk, C.P.M.
Lori A. Sisk, C.P.M., Director, Neumann Homes
Michelle Keith
Michelle Keith, Director, AT&T Services, Inc.

91st Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2006 - Minneapolis,MN

In supply chain management, it is recognized that value is created by the savings that is generated through strategic initiatives and tactical actions. Building a network within the extended enterprise, including customers and the supply chain, can become a strategic weapon for the organization. Obtaining information on critical issues from others can be vital to the competitiveness of the organization. Recently, understanding which customers were open to steel or energy surcharge increases provided a leading edge. As issues become increasingly more complex, it is important to build networks across companies and all functional areas within a company.

Creating Value through Mentoring and Networking — 45 KB (PDF)