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Releasing Value from Indirect Materials


Eberhard E. Scheuing, Ph.D., C.P.M.
Eberhard E. Scheuing, Ph.D., C.P.M., ISM Professor Emeritus, St. John’s University, 480/471-7393;
George Krauter
George Krauter, Consulting Vice President, Storeroom Solutions, Inc., 610/940-3800;

90th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2005 - San Antonio, TX

In all too many firms, indirect materials are treated haphazardly. They suffer from poor inventory records, multiple storage locations, uncoordinated purchasing, frequent out-ofstock conditions, and lack of managerial attention. This paper presents a checklist for diagnosing current ills, offers suggestions for overcoming them, and outlines a systematic, integrated approach that releases the hidden value from a firm’s indirect materials function by reducing cost and increasing turnover as well as service performance. Session participants will take away a comprehensive framework for assessing their firms’ MRO functions and streamlining their performance.

Releasing Value from Indirect Materials — 54 KB (PDF)