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Developing a Supply Market Intelligence Network


Robert B. Handfield, Ph.D.
Robert B. Handfield, Ph.D., Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of SCM, Director, Supply Chain Resource Consortium, College of Management, North Carolina State University, 919/515-4674;
Kevin McCormack, Ph.D.
Kevin McCormack, Ph.D., CEO, Supply Chain Redesign, LLC, 205/999-6399;

90th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2005 - San Antonio, TX

The current business climate has companies running leaner than ever. In supply management, people are being asked to do more with a smaller budget while still exceeding increasingly challenging cost and revenue goals. In particular, teams asked to develop strategic sourcing plans and drive increased efficiencies from their supply chains are faced with a task of greater scale and scope than in the entire history of management decisionmaking. Yet, with all of the IT and analytic technology at an individual’s disposal, one might argue that more than any other time in history supply chain knowledge workers can easily access critical data for improved decision-making. Organizations need to establish dedicated Business and Supply Market Intelligence units to supply the types of information that can drive supply chain efficiencies and sourcing team effectiveness to the bottom line.

Developing a Supply Market Intelligence Network — 67 KB (PDF)