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ISM Email Newsletters

E3: Engage // Elevate // Emerge

E3 is our new digital, quarterly newsletter for Emerging and Established ISM member segments.

View past issues of E3 newsletter.

eSide Supply Management

A bimonthly e-publication written with entry- and mid-level supply management professionals in mind, eSide caters to up-and-coming supply management professionals — directors, managers, buyers and purchasers.

View past issues of eSide Supply Management.


ISM Supply Chain Weekly

ISM presents Supply Chain Weekly — a unique, time-saving enewsletter for supply management professionals. Each week, we scour thousands of news sources for pertinent supply chain news and information, then we select the best and send it to you. Subscribe here. It's free.

View past issues of Supply Chain Weekly.



A monthly newsletter that is distributed to volunteer leaders through the ISM website.

View current/past issues of NewsLine.

Supply Line 2055: Certification Update

Look for this free e-newsletter every quarter to keep you updated on the latest happenings to the CPSM®, CSM™, C.P.M. and A.P.P. programs and to answer some of your frequently asked questions. You will also receive e-mail notifications of changes and updates to the certification processes.

View past issues of Supply Line 2055.

News Releases

ISM offers the option of Real Simple Syndication (RSS) to individuals who wish to receive ISM news feeds. Click here for more information on RSS and for a link to subscribe to the ISM News RSS feed.

View ISM's current news releases.


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