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The Supply Management Fitness Review: On the Road to World Class


Robi Bendorf, C.P.M.
Robi Bendorf, C.P.M., Consultant, Bendorf & Associates, (, Monroeville, PA 15146-4735, Voice: 412-856-4453 Fax: 412-856-1226 Email:

88th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2003 - Nashville, TN

Are you a “Getting” Department or a “Supply Management” Department? Most supply management operations have the objective of becoming or maintaining world-class status. Yet it is surprising how many have significant gaps between their actual performance and what are commonly recognized as best supply management practices. The severity of the “gaps” result in many of these operations being more appropriately described as “getting” departments rather than supply management operations. How does your organization stack up? A Supply Management Fitness Review is a good way to find out. This paper’s objective is to assist the supply management professional in determining where they are now and the direction they need to go by providing a summary of the review process and identifying some of the best practices generally viewed as leading to world-class performance in supply management.

The Supply Management Fitness Review: On the Road to World Class — 35 KB (PDF)