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Outsourcing Supply Management Operations for Manufacturing Facilities


Michael G. Patton
Michael G. Patton, Senior Vice President & General Manager – Consulting Services, FacilityPro, Dublin, Ohio 43016 (614) 798-0336,

88th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2003 - Nashville, TN

Given the challenge of today’s economy and the demands placed on all organizations due to the competitive forces experienced in a world market, supply chain management professionals are seeking ways to help improve the competitive positions of their companies. The use of outsourcing is increasing rapidly in manufacturing, as non-core functions are being reviewed and outsourced in order to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency in order to lower the Total Cost of Ownership of all required products and services. These components will include all aspects of supply and materials logistics management. This presentation will review the current trend to outsource multiple components of the supply chain to one provider, thus maximizing the potential cost reductions and process improvements. Additionally, it will address how to identify outsourcing companies, opportunities, how to develop, issue and evaluate outsourcing RFPs and contract issues to avoid. It details how and where to start, the short and long term benefits that will be derived by your organization, including immediate cost reductions and process improvements

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