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Career Strategies – Doing More of What You Do Best


Sam Farney, C.P.M.
Sam Farney, C.P.M. – Principal, Supply Chain Advisors, (813) 633-8758;

88th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2003 - Nashville, TN

Each individual has certain skills and abilities, likes and dislikes, areas of special interest, and values and beliefs about what's right or fair which are learned during their own life experiences. This unique set of attributes (i.e., strengths) forms a natural foundation for selective career decisions and constitutes the individual's career anchors. Every supply manager can become truly excited about certain tasks or responsibilities, whereas other assignments may be tolerable at best. The difference in the level of one's enthusiasm for two tasks can be attributed to the individual's learned talents.

Career Strategies – Doing More of What You Do Best — 69 KB (PDF)