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Selecting Suppliers that Suit Your Business Model


Susan Scott, C.P.M.
Susan Scott, C.P.M., Senior Consultant, Calyptus Consulting Group, 781/674-0041,

89th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2004 - Philadelphia, PA

A good supplier selection process does not merely frame the evaluation of several competitors to determine which supplier offers the lowest total cost of goods or services, but rather it starts a supplier relationship meant to convey certain, agreed-upon benefits to each party for a period of time usually measured in years. Keeping the big picture in mind while evaluating the details of an offer is a challenge to many, but sometimes we aren’t even looking at the right picture. This discourse asks you to consider the effect of your supplier choices on the entire supply chain and on the competitive business model linked to the firm’s sales proposition.

Selecting Suppliers that Suit Your Business Model — 14 KB (PDF)