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Understanding Professional Services Outsourcing and Offshoring


Lisa M. Ellram, Ph.D.
Lisa M. Ellram, Ph.D., Professor of Supply Chain Management, 480.965.2998;
Corey Billington, Ph.D.
Corey Billington, Ph.D., Professor, 408.476-0262;
Wendy Tate
Wendy Tate, Doctoral Candidate, 480-965-6044;

91st Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2006 - Minneapolis, MN

Based on a series of semi-structured interviews with 10 supply management executives representing eight companies in a variety of industries, this research focuses on the topic of services outsourcing and offshoring. Findings from these interviews indicate that a number of firms that have been offshoring for some time believe that they have outsourced too much responsibility for certain services, thereby increasing their operating risks. They have developed new solutions to attempt to address these problems, as will be discussed in the presentation.

Understanding Professional Services Outsourcing and Offshoring — 57 KB (PDF)