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Procurement Offshore Outsourcing


Charlie P. Villasenor, MBA
Charlie P. Villasenor, MBA, CEO & President, TransProcure, +(63)9178909371/ +(632)8857127;

90th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2005 - San Antonio, TX

Offshore Business Process Outsourcing is not only accepted, but also expected in today’s marketplace. This session highlights how Procurement Offshore Outsourcing operations are being undertaken just as Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Customer Service/Call Centers and similar operations are already in place – and have even reached the status of a proven paradigm. Continuing cost pressures will drive companies to do more with less, and procurement will occupy more of the spotlight. Companies would like to see a renewed focus on their core business, and instead identify the best destination for their service requirements. Many companies are outsourcing – that is, they are moving a number of their back-office operations overseas. Although most Fortune 500 corporations have implemented some form of global procurement initiative such as eProcurement and strategic sourcing, one significant area of opportunity is outsourcing procurement overseas, especially to developing countries like the Philippines. Companies in the know are moving several transactional, tactical, even strategic and technological operations in procurement to other countries and are reaping the benefits. The factors making it compelling to offshore some procurement work to the Philippines, for example, are: competitive labor cost, availability of an English-speaking and highly educated workforce, advanced infrastructure, supply base advantage and government support of the services industry. Procurement Offshore Outsourcing is a powerful weapon that many leading companies are using to create and build new and strategic longterm competitive advantages, beyond just cost factor.

Procurement Offshore Outsourcing — 55 KB (PDF)