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Managing Difficult Teams


Ron Guertin
Ron Guertin, Partner, eXegy Partners, LLC, 781/888-4193;
Vince Scacchitti
Vince Scacchitti, Partner, eXegy Partners, LLC, 860/653-9210;

90th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2005 - San Antonio, TX

Teamwork is prevalent across organizations today – from the work cell teams of the manufacturing setting to the self-directed work teams upon which many organizations are now built. The growth in team-based working parallels the growth of process-based management across organizations; an outgrowth of the total quality transformation of business. Procurement, often a participant on many of these teams, is now leading teams of its own. The widespread adoption of strategic sourcing and its key elements, category or commodity management and supplier management, is driving this need for teamwork. These teams can be focused on internal issues, external supplier related issues, or blended between external and internal focuses. This leads to a level of complexity and competency of Procurement leadership that is unprecedented in organizations. Never before have so many in a function been expected to work across work groups, functions, or even company boundaries to perform their core role. It should come as no surprise then that development of team leadership skills is a key success enabler. In this paper we’ll cover the commonly encountered team issues and the process-stage-specific issues and the methods to move through the issues collaboratively to success.

Managing Difficult Teams — 92 KB (PDF)