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Outsourcing: Solution or Setback?


James A. Tompkins, Ph.D.
James A. Tompkins, Ph.D., President, Tompkins Associates, 919/876-3667;

90th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2005 - San Antonio, TX

Outsourcing is a management tool that shifts a company’s organizational structure, but it is also a business transformation process that can create the opportunity for improved performance. While many companies have had considerable success outsourcing tactical functions—audit, financial services, facility maintenance, etc.—outsourcing strategic functions, such as logistics, manufacturing, and distribution has proven to be more challenging if poorly pursued. First, you must be sure you outsource the proper business function. This presentation will help you determine what you should outsource and address the steps necessary to make outsourcing a core competency.

Outsourcing: Solution or Setback? — 63 KB (PDF)