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BrainPower: Critical Techniques Towards High Performance in the Knowledge Economy


Agar Burton
Agar Burton, President, CTS Inc, New York, NY 10017, 212 661 5682,
Andrea Charman
Andrea Charman, Executive Director, CTS Inc, New York, NY 10017, 212 661 5682,

86th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2001 

Abstract. The information overload of the high-speed knowledge economy is taking its toll on business professionals, irrespective of discipline. In the time available, there is simply too much to read and retain — journals, articles, newspapers, reports, endless emails — in addition to events and meetings to attend. This session proposes a high-speed solution to the problem by suggesting an accelerated learning methodology, appropriate to a knowledge economy, to replace the industrial age toolkit still widely used by most of us. Participants are assured of 5-10 extra hours a week minimum to add measurable value to the bottom line. This 'saved' time can be used to acquire knowledge, and build core competencies; optimize project, team, and meeting management; make timely, well-researched and considered decisions. By understanding the power of the brain and by using techniques to stretch the mind, supply chain professionals will learn cutting-edge techniques to maximize return on effort — ROE — reducing workplace stress by offering a sense of completion rather than catch-up.

The Opportunity. The session offers participants an interactive environment in which to:

  • Review the computing capabilities of the brain for application in a knowledge economy. Short term memory, the temporary storage device that allows the brain to make sense of things around it (analysis); long term memory with its wider meaning and permanent storage system from which recall can be made (synthesis).
  • Learn about the 3 Rs of memory — Registration, Retention, Recall
  • Learn and practice techniques to double your present 3 R capability
  • Learn how to apply these techniques to achieve a high performance workplace (i.e. a workplace that fosters creative thinking and innovation through inclusion, connectivity, tapping tacit knowledge, skill at managing/embracing change, etc.)

Objectives. The session's objective is to present, explore through illustration, practice through Mindstretching, and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge economy accelerated learning tools and techniques, to maximize return on effort and the creation of value.


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