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Techniques For Achieving Excellence: Awesome Affirmations - A Must for Motivation


Julie Pyburn
Julie Pyburn, Professional Speaker/Educator/Author, Julie Pyburn Seminars, 2210, Owen, Alvin, TX 77511, (281)585-4788,

84th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 1999 

Abstract. Why do people succeed when others do not? When there is so much opportunity in front of people, why do only a few of them ever reach it and live it out for themselves? Searching for the answers to these questions led me to a field of research and a solution that is even now changing the field of personal motivation forever. This field of research is "Affirmations." I learned that by using affirmations coupled with the work ethic, people could turn lives and businesses of mediocrity into success.

Julie Pyburn focuses on powerful strategies that will significantly improve an organization's climate and strategy for success. In her straightforward, dynamic, entertaining, and always inspirational style, she will show you how "Awesome Affirmations" can work for you. High quality visuals and handouts will be utilized that provide a synopsis of the presentation with supporting ideas. If your desire is to enhance the levels of productivity and effectiveness in your organization, this workshop is for you.

The Opportunity. This program has proven time and time again as an effective tool to help you:

  • increase performance and satisfaction at work
  • improve employee confidence and communication
  • develop employee professionalism and skill
  • achieve your goals of employee teamwork and commitment

Powerful, practical and useful strategies to improve performance will be given to you that can be implemented the next work day. Renewed and rejuvenated, attendees will depart this workshop with a fresh vision for pursuing personal and professional excellence.

Objectives. In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to use affirmations
  • affirmations beyond positive attitude
  • affirmations for personal enrichment
  • goal setting

Content to be Presented. This workshop is for individuals and organizations in the field of purchasing to learn about the personal side of their success-those qualities and characteristics that either help you or hold you back. As buyer, a major objective is to obtain the lowest possible price for products and services. Your attitude can directly affect your performance at work. By learning to change negative self-talk that gets in the way of success, you can overcome the first challenge of the day- your own negative thought patterns. This workshop has four major objectives. The first is to recognize the importance of the role you play in your organization. The second is to give you information about the true psychological causes that contribute to your personal success in business. The third is to give you the most effective motivational tools to assist you in reaching your goals. The fourth objective is for this workshop to be extremely practical and down to earth and, of course genuinely helpful.

Without a commitment to excellence, good minds settle for mediocre aspirations, and the world is ultimately the poorer. "Awesome affirmations" is a workshop committed to preparing people for careers and lives of distinction.

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