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Proprietary E-Procurement and Strategic Sourcing


Norman H. McGarry, CPPB
Norman H. McGarry, CPPB, Manager, Auxiliary Business Services,, 248-203-3056
Jon Barth, MA
Jon Barth, MA, Technology and Projects Specialist, Auxiliary Business Services,, 248-203-3094

87th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2002 - San Francisco, CA

Warehouse overhead, order fulfillment, customer satisfaction and transaction costs were a few of the concerns that stimulated thought and action toward a proprietary eprocurement solution. We discovered that although many were rushing to invent the wheel, no k12 district had created a "cradle-to-grave" process that included strategically sourcing vendors, electronically routing orders and approvals, and ensuring just in time delivery. What we discovered and what you are about to read, is that a proprietary solution is possible with the right combination of courage, vision, strategy and technology.

Proprietary E-Procurement and Strategic Sourcing — 125 KB (PDF)