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The Purchasing Function and Responsibility in the Enterprise of the Future


Heinz Pechek
Heinz Pechek, Secretary General, Austrian Federation of Purchasing, Materials Management and Logistics, A-1010 Vienna, Austria

79th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 1994 - Atlanta, GA

THE ISSUES: Responsibility of purchasing for profits is increasing, responsibility of purchasing for business is growing strong, responsibility of purchasing for costs is extremely increasing, responsibility of purchasing for quality is increasing by lepas, responsibility for time-to-market is growing, responsibility for environment is starting off and is carrying into extremely, purchasing forms and influences streams of traffic, rush of traffic and conveyances of transports, new consciousness for JIT, internal responsibility for stock is decreasing, cooperation with and integration in the planning area of the enterprise is increasing, new policy with suppliers - single sourcing is increasing, the legal responsibility of purchasing is important, global sourcing is increasing, contribution of purchasing - simultaneous engineering is coming, process-orientation is increasing, competence of technology is increasing, the contribution of Lean-Management is developing, new technologies, Distance Electronic Data Interchange, team-decision, team-orientation, team-work of the purchasing function with the demander is increasing.

THE OBJECTIVES: Emphasizing of the changes in the purchasing function, activation of the participants to new dimensions in thinking and acting in purchasing, practical transformation of the know-how of leading European companies to the delegates.


Gabler: The Lexicon of Materials Management and Purchasing (1983)

"The Industry": "Purchasers with Responsibility" (February 1992) "The Austrian Industry-Magazine": "Is there any need for Purchasers?" (September 1993) etc.
Several papers on Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics topics at congresses of ISIR (International Society of Inventory Research) during the years 1984 bis 1992.

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