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Key Skill Sets for the Purchasing Manager of the Future


Robert B. Handfield, Ph.D.
Robert B. Handfield, Ph.D., Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of SCM, Director, Supply Chain Resource Consortium, College of Management, North Carolina State University, (919/ 515 4674);
Larry Giunipero, Ph.D.
Larry Giunipero, Ph.D., Professor of Supply Management, Florida State University

89th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2004 - Philadelphia, PA

The objective of this study was to ascertain the state of purchasing/supply education and training as it currently exists and forecast what changes are coming in the next five years. This includes the perceived needs for training, the types of training being pursued by Purchasing/Supply Management personnel and the contexts within which training is planned and delivered. The results of the study suggest that the pressure to reduce costs across industries is increasing. In response, however, purchasing executives will seek managers who possess skills in management of supplier relationships, improved communication and presentation skills, knowledge of ethics, and ability to effectively manage the end to end supply chain through improved business acumen and an understanding of the “big picture” from a strategic perspective.

Key Skill Sets for the Purchasing Manager of the Future — 23 KB (PDF)