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Japan's KEIRETSU as a Strategic Relationship with Suppliers


Osamu (Sam) Uehara
Osamu (Sam) Uehara, C.E.O., Institute for Supply Management Japan, Inc., 81-42-351-0595;

89th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2004 - Philadelphia, PA

“KEIRETSU” has longtime been viewed as Japanese sub-contractors’ transaction system, very particular and notorious among U.S. and European businesses. Today’s rapidly changing business-world may result in the need to adjust its ways of working and its concept to a successful marketplace if we are to achieve high levels of sustainable success. We see some excellent Japanese companies are now modifying their “KEIRETSU” system in order to succeed in a global market. As KEIRETSU system is one of the many transaction types, we have reached a conclusion that the supplier relationship would be a key to define and describe better this transaction system. This workshop shows how traditional supplier relationship has been refined and some development models help us maximize the value of our supply base and our personal value to the organization.

Japan's KEIRETSU as a Strategic Relationship with Suppliers — 22 KB (PDF)