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Electronic Information and Supply Chain Document Retention Policies: Practical and Strategic Considerations


Mayer, J.D., LL.M., Jeffrey J.
Jeffrey J. Mayer, Attorney, Freeborn & peters LLP, 312/360-6474;
Shapiro, J.D., John T.
John T. Shapiro, Attorney, Freeborn & Peters LLP, 312/360-6389;

93rd Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2008 - St. Louis, MO

Virtually all business documents and records are now created and saved in electronic format, and electronic communications and records allow purchasing managers to more readily work and communicate and make deals from remote locations. When disputes arise, proper electronic records and data management may be a boon for companies. But, for unsuspecting companies and purchasing managers who are not properly prepared, electronic records may substantially increase the cost and difficulty of satisfactory dispute resolution. The presenters will examine legal and practical issues with respect to electronic information and data, including document retention/deletion policies, responsibilities for maintaining documents once a dispute is anticipated or arises, and discovery obligations and strategies.

Electronic Information & Supply Chain Document Retention Policies: Practical & Strategic Considerations — 260 KB (PDF)