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Avoiding Disputes When Winding Down A Supply Relationship


Mayer, Jeffrey J.
Jeffrey J. Mayer, Attorney, Freeborn & peters LLP, 312/360-6474;
Shapiro, John T.
John T. Shapiro, Attorney, Freeborn & Peters LLP, 312/360-6389;

93rd Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2008 - St. Louis, MO

Terminating a supply relationship often is met with resistance, especially where ending the relationship will be problematic or catastrophic for the opposing party. The presenters address and analyze legal issues related to efforts to terminate a supply relationship, from both sides. The discussion includes assessment of damages that may flow from termination of a supply relationship, and the presentation provides practical tips on how to draft termination provisions, wind down a contract, ensure short-term performance pending a new supply relationship and avoid and/or resolve disputes.

Avoiding Disputes When Winding Down A Supply Relationship — 310 KB (PDF)