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Ethical Behavior – Boundaries Of Influence


Addler, C.P.M., David D.
David D. Addler, C.P.M., Director of Operations, Sybase Inc., 925.236.6719,
Baranowski, Judy
Judy Baranowski, Corporate Vice President, Supply Chain Quality, Motorola, Inc., 224.715.4790,
Kalin, Leah
Leah Kalin, Director, Supply Chain Operations, Breg, Inc., An Orthofix Company, 760.599.5785,
Lallatin, C.P.M., Carla S.
Carla S. Lallatin, C.P.M., President, Lallatin & Associates, 718.271.7323,
Smiley, C.P.M., Steve
Steve Smiley, C.P.M., Vice President, Strategic Supply, White Cap Construction Supply, 949.794.2795,
Sturzl, C.P.M., Scott R.
Scott R. Sturzl, C.P.M., Vice President, Institute for Supply Management, 480-752-6276, extension 3105,
Turner, Gwen
Gwen Turner, Manager, PGS, Pfizer, Inc., 212.573.2656,

92nd Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2007 - Las Vegas, NV

How aware are you of what influences the decisions you make everyday? This session is designed to help you build an awareness of influence — both positive and negative — across the spectrum of all that you do. The ISM Ethical Standards Commitee provides examples of ways to manage influence in terms of ethical behavior. Key areas of discussion include: What is influence?; Sources of influence; Examples of how people get influenced; How do you manage influence?

Ethical Behavior – Boundaries Of Influence — 81 KB (PDF)