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The People Side of Supply Chain Performance


Andrea Charman
Andrea Charman, Senior Partner, EquiLearn Group, UK, 44 207 736 7878;;

91st Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2006 - Minneapolis, MN

Traditionally, improving supply chain efficiency and effectiveness has focused numbers, technology and processes rather than people issues such as how to lead and manage talent, how to create an environment that fosters collaboration, partnership, a world class community of practice, a culture of competitive innovation. Surprising though it may seem, it is only now that we are seriously thinking about the complexities of the people factor; accepting that this is perhaps the most critical factor in achieving and exceeding our business goals … rather than just pay lip service to the point.

This interactive workshop explores the people issues – the critical skills and attitudes and attributes - while, at the same time, illustrates that the advance of technology only serves to highlight the urgency of the people factor rather than diminish it in importance.

The People Side of Supply Chain Performance — 29 KB (PDF)