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Strategic Thinking: Movin' On Up From Supply Management to the Supply Chain


Marilyn Gettinger, C.P.M.
Marilyn Gettinger, C.P.M., President, New Directions Consulting Group, 908-709-0656;

91st Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2006 - Minneapolis, MN

This presentation looks at the evolution and definition of the supply chain concept along with the need for new skills, knowledge, and responsibilities for the supply professional. These are highlighted within the article. There are clear definitions provided and strong arguments for the birth of the supply chain professional. Strategic thinking and sourcing are acknowledged for their tremendous impact on the organization’s bottom line. However, argument is again made that these concepts in their present form are not sufficient to meet the challenges of supply chain management. Companies with the most successful supply chains recognize that their supply professionals must be able to meet the rapid changes of the global economy with a broader breadth of knowledge in other functional areas and enhanced leadership and communication skills. Strategic thinking and sourcing are given a new look, and examples are applied to supply chain management.

Strategic Thinking: Movin’ On Up From Supply Management to the Supply Chain — 73 KB (PDF)