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New Product Development: Frontloading Management


Osamu (Sam) Uehara, C.P.M.
Osamu (Sam) Uehara, C.P.M., CEO, Institute for Supply Management Japan, Inc., 81-42-351-0599;

91st Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2006 - Minneapolis, MN

One of the great challenges in business and government today is for organizations to use technology to compete in world markets. This involves designing better, higher quality products and getting them to market quickly, before the competition. Supply management professionals can play a pivotal role in coordinating the transition of new products from the development stage to the production stage. We see several Japanese companies are now challenging this new role in order to succeed in a global competition. This workshop shows how Japanese supply management professionals evolve in terms of its role during the new product development stage and how its role effects the traditional supplier relationship. The survey consists of different industry categories, such as mining, contract construction, manufacturing (food, textile, electric/electronic, transportation equipment), wholesale and retail trade, and services by standard industry codes(SIC).

New Product Development: Frontloading Management — 51 KB (PDF)