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Leading In, Out and Around


Marilyn Gettinger, MBA, C.P.M.
Marilyn Gettinger, MBA, C.P.M., President, New Directions Consulting Group, 908/709-0656;

90th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2005 - San Antonio, TX

Global competition, the environment, emerging countries, customer demands, technology to name a few are forcing the dramatic change in organizations of all sizes, shapes, and industries. In that dynamic, supply professionals are facing the fight of their lives as well as the greatest role we will ever play. Meeting procurement objectives, though important, is just not enough to support the survival of our institutions. Procurement must take on a leadership role in bringing change to our senior management, internal customer, and supply base. The following information defines leadership and its various traits, compares leadership to management, provides examples of leadership traits, and stresses the urgency of leading and taking on a proactive role in future of the organization.

Leading In, Out and Around — 61 KB (PDF)