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Role of Supply Chain Management in Revenue Enhancement


Robert J. Engel
Robert J. Engel, National Director of Client Service, Resources Global Professionals-SCM Practice, 713/403-1979:

90th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2005 - San Antonio, TX

Over the years, our profession has been dominated with cost saving and cost avoidance objectives. Correctly so, CEO’s have focused on bottom line results and one obvious and important area of a CEO’s focus is how well we spend money for capital and operating expenses. As a profession, Supply Chain Managers have established key “dashboard” metrics involving cost savings, cost avoidance, reduced supplier base, quality, our value as related to earnings per share, internal customer satisfaction, and numerous other measurements that zero-in on either cost reductions or process enhancements and efficiencies. Yes, it is important to be bottom line focused, but we also need to be moving towards an effective supply chain organization that can also be top line focused by contributing to revenues.

Role of Supply Chain Management in Revenue Enhancement — 54 KB (PDF)