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Sailing Into The Future With The Right Attitude!


Dennis Mitchell
Dennis Mitchell, President, Success-N-Effect Empowerment Seminars,, 9116 E. Sprague, Suite 66, Spokane, WA 99206, 509-625-0299,

84th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 1999 

Abstract. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between success and failure? It's all in your attitude according to Dennis Mitchell, President of Success-N-Effect Empowerment Seminars. "All of life is a series of choices we make, the choices we make today will determine our tomorrow. There's nothing we can do that will change the past, but our future is in our hands."

Seminar Objectives. The objective of this seminar is to provide attendees with the concepts, inspiration and motivation utilizing real time exercises, metaphors, stories and humor so that they can adjust their internal thermostat to the setting that they want it to be when the winds of change or adversity are blowing against them. Additionally, these ideas are also a great set of tools when things are going well to reinforce that success feeling.

Give Yourself A Check Up From The Neck Up. William James, noted father of American Psychology said that "The greatest discovery of this generation, is that you can alter your life, by altering your attitudes of mind!" Often there is a small difference between success and failure. It's all in your attitude! Attitude to success, is what H2o is to the Pacific Ocean, it's everything! Unsuccessful people are controlled by external events, things that happen in their outer world. Successful people are in charge of their internal self-talk about what is happening in their outer world. By controlling your internal dialog you will change how you feel about what is happening and subsequently be empowered to find solutions.

What You Focus On Is What You Get. Is the glass of water half empty or half full? That all depends on your attitude. A positive person will say the glass is half full because they are adding water to the glass, while a negative person will say that the exact same glass is half empty because they are taking water from the glass. All of life is a matter of perspective, how you see life from within.

As the late Judge Oliver Holmes states: "The greatest waste in human nature is not the waste of natural resources, although this is great. The greatest tragedy is the waste of human resources!" Sailing Into The Future With The Right Attitude will challenge you and your organization to recognize, develop and harness the natural resources that are bestowed upon every human being by our creator.

In this program you will learn.

  • The effect other peoples attitudes have on you and how to turn it around to your advantage.

  • Positive action affirmations like using words, body language and energy to embed positive statements into your subconscious like "I like myself."

  • How to develop a winning attitude by programming yourself from the moment you wake up in the morning, and designing self-talk that empowers you to be the best you can be.

  • Strategies for taking immediate control of your life, including changing negative beliefs.

  • How to change how you feel instantly by changing your body posture.

  • Plus much, much more!

What You Give In Life Is What You Receive. The greatest gift that we can help our families, employees and friends achieve is the gift of having a very positive attitude, one of liking and feeling good about, and loving themselves. Having a positive attitude is the single most important ingredient of realizing one's potential. Perhaps more than any other quality, a positive attitude followed by action on your goals is the key that unlocks the door to peak performance!

Most people don't have the right mental attitude and there are definite reasons for it. From early childhood we have created or allowed others to create our self-images by what goes into our minds. Everyday these images, whether "positive or negative," are reinforced by what we "believe" to be "true or false! The exciting thing is nobody is stuck with themselves as they are. By putting the correct mental deposits into your mental bank and making regular deposits, the interest that you bear will compound over the coming days, weeks, months and years!

Winning Attitudes vs Losing Attitudes.

  • Winners focus on solutions, losers only see the problems.
  • Winners do it for others, losers do it to others.
  • Winners see rainbows and ice skates, losers see stormy weather and icy streets.
  • Winners say "this is what I'm going to do," losers say "there's nothing I can do."

* Winners look for the good in others, losers say "there is no good in others." There is usually only a small difference between "top performers" in every field of endeavor and those who merely "do well" or just "get by." Successful people always expect the best, but are prepared for the worst. By utilizing the using the law of positive expectancy they are in charge of their lives because they attract to themselves the conditions and circumstances they want and when they can't find them, they create them. This principle, when put into action, will give anyone the "winning edge" in every situation!

Attitudes are more important than facts. According to the law of aerodynamics a bumble bee cannot fly. It's body is too heavy in proportion to its wings. The bumble bee doesn't know that it's not supposed to be able to fly, and so it goes a head and flies anyway. We see cases like this all the time. A new person on the job comes in and sells the pants off seasoned veterans. They don't know that they are not supposed to sell as much as they do and so they go ahead and do it anyway. By realizing that your attitude is more important than so called facts, you will be able to fly, fly faster, and fly further! More importantly, this workshop provides a safe environment that is exciting, confidence building, and produces immediate positive results!

Dennis Mitchell, the workshop facilitator presents the essence of his research into this dynamic workshop using principles that personally has used to become a TV Personality and a highly sought after adult and youth speaker! Thousands of people are using these principles and you can use them too!

By having the proper attitude you will look for solutions to problems, think win/win instead of win/lose and radiate your positive energy to all those whom you come in contact with thus enriching their lives as well as your own. Whether you are a purchasing manager, a supplier, professional, or non- professional, this workshop is for you! During this dynamic, interactive presentation, you will be inspired to be the best you can possibly be by Sailing Into The Future With The Right Attitude!

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