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Survival Guide - Improved Professional/Personal Relations In A Changing Environment


Beverly H. Patrick
Beverly H. Patrick, Owner, Beverly H. Patrick, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, 800-436-7696

81st Annual International Conference Proceedings - 1996 - Chicago, IL

Challenge. Increased competition, decreased staff, binding budgets, necessity for enhanced customer service and employee relations (think harassment), along with keeping abreast of demographics, technology and globalization are only the tip of the iceberg of the innumerable issues facing purchasing management employees, management - in fact everyone, as we race rapidly toward the 21st century. Failure to meet these challenges successfully will result in financial and legal pitfalls. The outcome of which may result in loss of business and employment.

Objective. Productive workplace devoted to harmonious customer and employee relationships which will enhance the bottom line.

Blueprint. A unique user friendly plan presenting real life examples and outcomes creating a safe and risk free environment. The blueprint includes:

  • risk management - managing the risk of working and living in today's litigious society
  • generational challenges
  • gender miscommunications
  • harassment free zones
  • business travel
  • interviewing

Construction. Use of special materials to emphasize morals, values, respect and treating all people with decency as the foundation of a more productive environment. Some areas typically overlooked that are critical to success are:

  • online communications, i.e. fax, E-mail,etc.
  • telephone usage
  • copier
  • jokes
  • stories
  • gossip

Distinguishing Features. Politically correct terms have caused the rules by which we live to rapidly change - or have they? Help solve this problem with knowledge of: background applicability and awareness testing of knowledge, giving pointers to improve listening to the intent identifying and solving gray problem areas

Completed Structure. An immediate common sense applicable approach will demonstrate how to:

  • improve external and internal customer service
  • increase productivity
  • improve colleague-to-colleague communications
  • increase confidence levels
  • avoid potential legal and financial pitfalls

Model Structure. An example of how to be successful professionally and personally in today's changing and often difficult and litigious world.

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