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2007 International Conference Proceedings (May 2007)

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How to Win Organizational Support for Supply Management Best Practices

Improving Inventory Performance and Bottom-Line Profits

Ethics: Establishing the Imaginary Line BEFORE You Cross It

Contracting for Services: A Review of the Contracting Process

Reduce Risk, Improve Performance Through Enhanced Supplier Relationships

Strategic Sourcing in Retail: How to Survive and Succeed

Questions: A Universal Tool for Supply Managers

Purchasing Economics Forecasting – Planning to Stay on Top

Global Sourcing: The Race to Future Strategic Competitive Advantage

World-Class Negotiations Management: Best Practices, Tools and Future Directions

Ten Fundamental Strategies and Best Practices of Supply Chain Organizations

Ethical Behavior – Boundaries Of Influence

Information Overload: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Leading Practices in Setting-Up, Developing & Maintaining a Supplier Information File (SIF)

Update On Recent Developments In International Purchasing/Contracting

A Framework for Management of Supply Chain Disruption

The Role of Bid Optimization in Strategic Sourcing

The Human Factors in Managing China's Supply Chain

Theory Z of Supplier Relationship Management

Getting the Pieces to Fit = Supply Chain Magic

Service Level Agreements that Actually Work

Legally Speaking: Public Procurement's Three Pillars of Risk Management

Tools You Can Use for Contingency Planning

How to Use Emotional Control and Observation Skills to Become a Better Negotiator!

Winning Business Cases: How to Develop, Structure, and Present Them

Navigating and Networking the Conference

Costs of Supplier Failures – And What to Do About Them

Using Lean Principles to "Lean Out the Supply Chain"

Supplier Management for Complex Outsourced Services: A Strategic Framework

Can Lean Processes & Global Operations Generate Benefits for Companies?

Creating Corporate Advantage Through Purchasing

Best Practices in Contract Management

Improving Supplier Relationships in a Weak Top Management Commitment Environment

Understanding and Using Leverage in Procurement Today

Developing Effective Product Specifications And Quality Requirements For Outsourced Suppliers

Buying Under the Influence

Talent Management in Sourcing

Play Your Cards Right: Build the Right Network and Mentoring Relationships

Foundations of the Strategic Sourcing Process

Contracting for Services

Fueling Performance through Alignment, Contribution, and Unstoppable Momentum

Creating a Purchased Price Index as a Key Performance Indicator

The Hub Factor: The Art of Influence through Powerful Networking Skills

Can Lawyers Add Value to the Value Chain?

Economic Price Adjustment Clauses to Reduce Supplier Price Contingencies

Skills Development for Remote Teams

Calculating the Impact of Increased Lead Times of Foreign Purchases

Capturing Innovation from Suppliers

Business Continuity Training and Testing: Narrowing the Gaps

Supplier Diversity: Impacting the Bottomline!

Energy Purchasing Techniques That Reduce Costs

Viva Lean Vegas! Applying Quality to Determine Supply Management's Value

Navigating the Rough Seas of Intercultural Negotiation

Energy Buying

Measure Twice - Cut Once: Construct the Optimal Supplier Relationship Program

Supply Chain Business Continuity: Preparing to Survive the Next Disaster

Making Suppliers Greater Strategic Stakeholders within Purchasing Organizations

The New Customer of Choice Imperative: Ensuring Supply Availability, Productivity Gains, and Supplier Innovation

Intellectual Property Rights and Ownership Issues

Managing Risk in Supply Agreements

Successful Negotiating - Mars vs. Venus Style

The "Gotchas" of Equipment Leasing

Understanding Buyer Supplier Conflict

Supply Risk Management: Assuring Supply While Controlling Cost

Combating the Logistics Perfect Storm

The Only Game In Town Purchasing Single/Sole Source Goods Effectively

Should Supplier Evaluations be a Strategic Global Supply Management Process?

Drafting/Negotiating a Dispute Resolution Clause with Customers/Suppliers

Supply Chain Skills Assessment: Building the Dream Team

21 or Over?: Measuring Your Social Responsibility Maturity

Wake Up Your Supplier Diversity Program: How to Develop an Effective Supplier Diversity Process.

Purchasing of Services In The Public Sector

Information Sharing: At the Heart of SCM!

Activism and Public Relations Basics for Supply Management

Building Global Supply Chains: A Value Stream Approach

Developing Suppliers in a Lean Environment - Supplier Competency Model

Be SMART About Raw Material Risk Management