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2000 International Conference Proceedings (May 2000)

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International Purchasing "Rules-of-the-Road"

Will The Real Definition of Supply Chain Management Please Stand Up

Will You Know World-Class Purchasing When You Get There?

Exit Stage Right: Ending Partnerships Without Hostility

Critical Twenty First Century Commodities: Purchasing as a Knowledge Manager

The Current State of Best Practices in Purchasing

What's New in Federal Government Subcontracting

How Effective is Your Materials Management Organization

Applying Six Sigma Methods to Materials Management

Location and Qualification of Global Sources

Write Now! How to Turn Your Expertise into Marketable, Professional Text

Five Strategic Initiatives to Increase the Value-Added of Purchasing

Value Chain Management - The Next Step in Supply Chain Management

Supplier Alliance at Quaker Oats

Successful Online Bidding and Contract Management

Teamwork ~ Kicking It Up a Notch

Electronic Commerce - Savior or Pipe Dream

Purchasing Efficiency vs Effectiveness: Millennial Thoughts and Strategic Implications

UCC Or Contract Law?

Go for the Gusto! Recognizing Your Volunteer Leadership

Results Oriented Purchasing

Have You Hugged Your Supplier Today? The Benefits As A Preferred Customer

Crafting Supply Chain Strategy Through Market Sensing

Are You Purchasing Hazmat and Don't Know It

The Future of MRO E-Commerce is Now

Preparing For The 21st Century Supply Chain

Learning, Influence and Persuasion - Key Features of Leading Supply Management Organizations

Conflict Resolution Within The Supply Chain - Can't We All Just Get Along

Commercial Item Acquisitions

Purchasing in a World

Key Enablers for Strategic Cost Management in the Supply Chain

Purchasing: Pipeline to Corporate Profit

Use of Supply Chain Modeling to Examine Total Supply Chain Costs

Unleashing the Power of Online Markets

Save Me From Extinction - New Age Thinking For the 21st Century

Developing International Procurement Skills

The Successful Merger of Two Supplier Certification Processes

EDI, ERP and E-Commerce: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

Is Your Supply Chain Missing A Link

Managing Purchasing Organization's Changes

Supply Chain Management and Cross Functional Teams

The Purchasing Fitness Review

Leveraging Centers of Excellence within the Supply Chain

Project Management Success - "I Guarantee It"

Electronic Commerce Solutions - Part II

A Self-Critique of Purchasing and Supplier Involvement in New Product Development

Shifting Millennium Skills in to High Gear to Drive Organizational Capability

Supply Chain: Are You The Weak Link

Negotiation in the New Millennium

Cost Analysis Outside Manufacturing - Information for Evaluating Service Expenses

Discovering True Savings Through Non-Traditional Purchasing Engagement

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - How To End A Supplier Relationship

Making Time and Getting Things Done

Leveraging E-commerce and the Internet to Buy Chemicals Effectively

Applying Lean Thinking To Your Company And Your Supply Chain

The Public/Private Partnership - Developing the Vendors You Need

Chaos Theory: Can We Use It to Our Advantage in Supply Management

Procurement to Strategic Sourcing: How to Make the Transition

Managing Inbound Domestic and International Transportation

Evaluating and Assessing Your Supply Chain