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1998 International Conference Proceedings (May 1998)

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Electronic Commerce (EC) Technologies and Standards: How They Can Enable Purchasing

Global Supply Chain Management - Global Inventory Tracking and Management

Electronic Commerce (EC) Classes of Solutions for Purchasing

Outsourcing - A Strategy Whose Time Has Arrived

Supply Chain Management With Vendor Managed Inventories

Get a Grip With Awesome Affirmations: A Must for Motivation

Promat Clothing: A Case Study of Supply Chain Reengineering

Put It In Writing! The Contractual Approach To Price Changes

Developing The Supplier Benchmark Audit, The Precursor To Supplier Approval

Just The Facts Please! The Quantitative Approach To Rating Suppliers

Negotiating With Colleagues - (A Lot Like Negotiating With Your Spouse)

Purchasing's Role In Delighting The Customer

Tips For Measuring Supplier Performance

Customer Satisfaction Is The Strategic Advantage In Health Care

Self-Leadership Resources: Personal & Interpersonal Skills

Reengineering Purchasing: Managing Culture Change

Using the Internet to Increase Personal Computer Purchasing Effectiveness

Ten Ways to Sell Purchasing Within Your Organization

Five Skills Purchasing Professionals Have, That Many in Management Do Not Have

Having it ALL - Select the Right Supplier and Develop and Maximize the Relationship

Functional Supplier Consortiums

What Is Purchasing Success and How Do We Know If We Did It?

Improved Supply Chain Communication Through Electronic Commerce

Will The Last Buyer Please Stand Up!

Managing Key Supplier Partnerships

Achieving a Competitive Advantage Through Supplier Quality Management

Issues In The Procurement Of Software

Managing Lead Time

Benchmarking of Purchasing: How to Reach "Best Practice" in Supply

The Thirteen Commandments Of Export And Import Compliance Programs

Barriers to Customer-Friendly Behavior in Purchasing Organizations

Structured Problem Solving for Supply Management Effectiveness

Strategy Integration: Leveraging Opportunities With R&D New Product Teams

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Under the UCC & FAR

The Purchasing Manager is Dead - Long Live the Sourcing Leader!

EHS Programs: Competing Priorities or Burgeoning Opportunities?

Supplier Analysis: Achieving the Optimum from your Suppliers - Improved Performance and Lower Total Cost

Outplacement Services - Contracting for Employees' Future Careers while Downsizing/Reorganizing

Supplier Assessment - A Joke That's Gone Too Far?

We Have the Technology - Building the Perfect Supply Manager

Out On Purchasing's Wild Frontier

Identifying, Developing and Managing Service Alliances

Starting and Operating a Purchasing Cost Savings Program

Successful Skills Development for the Purchasing Professional

Supply Partnerships as Illustrated by the CN/GM Locomotive Power-by-the-Mile Agreement

Reduce Total Purchased Cost by 5% Through Inbound Freight Management

Obtaining Professional Services

Blueprint for Qualification & Implementation of the Supplier- Managed Inventory Program

Purchasing in the Next Millennium: The Value-Added Contribution

Helpful Hints From Your Friendly Sales Person

Is Price Analysis a Lost Art?

Terms and Conditions for Electronic Commerce

Computer Software Acquisition - Issues & Best Practices

Relationeering™ - The Key to Successful Organizations

Price Discipline (tm) (1): A Tough, But Fair Approach to Price Negotiation<

Use The Web To Enhance Your Supplier Diversity Program

Using a Corporate Intranet for Indirect and MRO Purchases

Using Criticality Grids to Determine Negotiation Strategies

AIM & DRIVE (R) Eight Steps to Managing Costs Through the Supply Chain

Strategic Commodity Management: Lessons From A Major Implementation

Coincidence or Collusion? An Antitrust Primer for Procurement Professionals

The Big Picture: Seven Global Trends Driving the Supply Chain

Vision, Enthusiasm, Motivation, Courage: Keys To Leadership

The China Challenge - Essential Skills

Receiving Inspections' Changing Role In Supplier Quality

Purchasers as Change Agents: Supply Leadership in the "Borderless Organization"

The "Balanced Purchasing" Model: Research Findings

Purchasing Law - Living in the Lion's Den and Loving it!

A Modified-Weighted Point Evaluation Method For Vendor Selection

Supply Chain Cost Reduction Strategies

Adding Value to Your Career: Successfully "Surfing" the NAPM Conference

The Top Ten Approaches to Cost Reduction

Negotiation Basics for Purchasing Professionals

The Effects of Inter-firm Power on Supply Chain Relationships

Building Lasting, Successful Relationships Internationally

Strategies for Re-Educating Yourself for the New Millennium

Supplier Financial Analysis: By the Numbers

Mission Possible: Creating And Sustaining A Multi-national Sourcing Team

Coaching and Giving Feedback to Improve Performance

Paths to Procurement Success

Five Steps to Effective Procurement

Partnering with the Best Suppliers

Ethics Within a Partnership - Do They Change?

Implementing the Virtual Purchasing Organization - a practical approach

Personality Imprinting - Why Can't You Just Do It My Way?

Strategies to Leverage Diversity in the Workplace and the Marketplace

Megatrends in Global Supply Management