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1997 International Conference Proceedings (May 1997)

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Internal Customers Balance Purchasing Departments

The New Millennium Purchaser/Supply Manager - Taking the Entrepreneurial Approach

Engarde! Defend yourself from being Outsourced!

Hong Kong 97', China: What you need to know about the future of Asia Business!

Best In Class Integrated Travel Services Supplier Team

From Reactive To Proactive Procurement: A Case Study

Sourcing in South-East-Asia - Win-Win In The ASEAN Market

Using Best Practices To Improve Your Purchasing And Supply Management

Developing Your Own Purchasing Home Page On The Internet

Negotiating With Engineers (and Other Internal Customers)

How to Initiate an Effective Benchmarking Program for Purchasing

Supplier Integration Into New Product/Process/Service Development

Targeting Purchasing for Product Profitability

Change Management: Basic Skills for Purchasing Professionals

NQS 9000: An Alternative Metal Casting Vendor Certification Program

Megatrends for Purchasing Profession

Credentialing in the Late 1990s: More Important than Ever

Primitive or Advanced Purchasing: How Does Your Company Stack Up?

Electric Energy Procurement: New Market Dynamics

Deployment of Best Practice Benchmarking Results

Buyer/Supplier Performance Based Contracts Maximizing Success and Sharing Risk

Cost Reductions - We Don't Get Enough Credit

Market Your Magic

DAVINCI: Harnessing the Power of Technology to Tighten the Supply Chain

Supplier Financial Management for Purchasing Professionals

Telecommunications Procurement

Achieving World Class Sourcing Team Effort

The Buyer's Perspective Of Cooperative Buyer Supplier Relationships In Industrial Markets: A Model Comparison Approach

The World Wide Web As A Strategic Sourcing Tool

Living In Ambiguity: Become A Crab!

SAP Implementation Strategies for Purchasing

Managing Myself - Developing Values, Traits, and Life skills For Success

Legal Industrial Espionage: Getting the Most Out of Supplier Site Visits

Effective Strategies In Supplier Diversity

Introduction To The Internet And The World Wide Web

Benchtracking Purchasing Performance - A Management Tool

The Art and Science of Outsourcing

Purchasing in the 21st Century

Paperless Purchasing -- A Reality

Advanced Sourcing: Transforming Supply Chains into Value Systems

Public Purchasing Reform: Have FASA, FARA and ITMRA Made the System Better?

The Games Suppliers Play

Outsourcing Services - Key Steps To Success

Beyond Quality in Supply Management

Electronic Commerce: Putting Information Technology To Work Today

Universal Supplier Qualification Process

Purchasing Improvement - Following in the Footsteps of the Quality Gurus

Assessing Cycle Time Reduction Payback for You and Your Supplier

Using a Structured Model of Purchasing Activities to Benchmark Performance

Managing Supplier Response/Leadtime

Outsourcing: Issues and Opportunities for Supply Management

Conducting Efficient Internet Searches

IT Contracted Professionals: Optimizing and Managing the Supply Chain

Partnering With Suppliers To Manage Change and Reduce Cost

Terms and Conditions for International Procurement

Effective Traffic Management

Do the MBP No, it's not the Mambo By Purchasing.'s Management By Policy

JIT II®: Creating the Ultimate Customer/Supplier Partnership

Interorganizational Antecedents And Determinants Of Environmental Purchasing: An International Comparison

Do You Speak My Language?

Electronic Commerce: Is This the Future State of The Supply Chain?

Creating A Factory Within A Factory

Using the Internet for RFQ Management: A GE Case Study

Claris Corporation's Operations Re-Engineering: Change at the Speed of Light

Building Blocks For Team Excellence

Purchasing Of Services In The Public Sector

Transforming Purchasing, Transforming Government: Professional Public Purchasing For the Next Millennium

Value Analysis: Is It Still A Useful Tool?

Performance Measures for Purchasers and Suppliers

A Purchasing Career in the Mid '90s and Beyond - Where Are You Going and How Are You Going to Get There?

Effective Supplier Relationships Without Formal Alliances

Re-Energizing Your Stalled Purchasing Card Program

Funny Business

Outsourcing: Avoiding the Hazards and Pitfalls

Goal Setting And Growth: Positive Alternatives To Negative Situations

Vendor-Benders: How To Assure That Your Supplier Relationships Are Collision Proof

Creating and Operating a Viable International Procurement Office

Adding Value Through Strategic Management of Goods and Services

Supplier Value Index (SVI) Rates MRO Suppliers-Part II

Just in Time Training: Developing Tomorrow's Purchasing Professional

Using the Internet to Enhance Purchasing Productivity

Creating Value Through Price/Cost Productivity

Designing Auto-Resupply Systems

Strategic Outsourcing For Services

Leverage Your Suppliers' Contribution to Cost Reduction

Selecting High Technology Consultants and Subcontractors

How We Make It Expensive For Suppliers To Sell To Us

Developing Trust In Strategic Alliances: Concepts And Best Practices

Open Issues in Federal Acquisition Reform

Ethical Issues In Global Purchasing: A Buyer's Guide To Gifts and Bribes Worldwide

Revolutionary Ways to Transfer Purchasing Responsibilities to Users and External Organizations

The User-Friendly Bid