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1996 International Conference Proceedings (April 1996)

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Reengineering The Minority Business Development Program

Ethical Standards Committee Workshop: "Has This Ever Happened To You?"

Design and Implementation of Electronic Requisitioning of Services

Calculating Total Cost

Information Technology/Systems Applications

Breakthrough Partnering, Bringing Out the Best In Supplier Development

Cycle Time Reduction: A Procurement Perspective

Service Companies Allow Customer Surveys...

Relationship Alignment Programs...

Successful Master Career Planning

China Business....Should You or Shouldn't You?

GrowthPacts: Tomorrow's Success Begins Today

Retooling Negotiations Skills for a Supply Management Environment

Developing Your Study Strategy for the C.P.M. Examination

Risk Assessment in Software Licensing

Purchasing's Organizational Roles and Responsibilities

I Wish My Boss Would Let Me Do My Job

Beyond Buying: Purchasing's Changing Role

Defining Purchasing's Quality Costs

10 Tips For Successful Outsourcing

Green Purchasing: Buying Recycled Products

Partnering In The Public Sector

New Purchasing Measures Produce Better Results

Nontraditional Purchasing Needs Nontraditional Methods

International Political Risk and Sourcing Policy

POPP: Purchasing Opportunity Performance Program

Another Link In The Chain - Electronic Parts Catalogs

Coalition And Consortium Purchasing Power: It's Big, It's Here, And It's The Future Of Strategic Purchasing

Managing High Technology Suppliers

Managing Cultural Differences in Buyer-Supplier Relationships

Lions, Tigers & Bears - Oh My!

Characteristics Of World Class Minority Supplier Program

Leading Edge Approaches To Training And Developing Purchasing Professionals

Integrated Supply: Myths and Reality

Supplier Partnerships and Kanbans: Imagine - 100% Delivery Performance in 120 Days!

Pro-Active Price Analysis: Tools That You Can Use Today!

Survival Guide - Improved Professional/Personal Relations In A Changing Environment

Supplier Value Index (SVI) Rates MRO Suppliers

An Investigation of Conflict Resolution between Buyers and Suppliers in Strategic Long-Term Cooperative Relationships

The Supplier Quality Seminar: Strengthening Your Partnership In Only Two Days!

The Future of Supply-Chain Management

Leading Cross Functional Teams - A Software Success Story

Environmental Leadership - Proactive Strategies for Competitive Advantage

Federal Policy Changes: Effects On Purchasers, Private and Public

Kilowatts and Btu's - Energy Procurement

Will You Know World-Class Purchasing When You Get There?

Let's Go Surfin' Now

Becoming A Process-Based Procurement Organization

Coaching Users to Develop Great Specifications

An Adventure in Team-Building!

Prioritizing Purchasing: Putting First Things First

Empowerment In Action: Self-Directed Work Teams On The Job

The Assessment and Management of Software Products' Procurement Risks

Transcending Traditional Boundaries: Sharing Best Practices in a World of Change

Opportunities and Pitfalls of Recent Transportation Deregulation

Affiliate Road Map...How to Travel from Mediocrity to Excellence

Help! I'm Being Reengineered

The Reading Group: An Inexpensive And Effective Way To Train

Issues, Challenges, And Changes...

Opportunities and Issues When Implementing EDI

Leadership and the Volunteer

Essential Elements Of Software License Agreements

Best Practices Approach To Implementing A Purchasing Card Process

Implementing a Global Supply Management Training and Certification Program

Managing MRO Consumables With Distributor Partnerships

MAPP Managed Acquisition Procurement Plan

Managing Logistics Risks in Global Procurement

A Toolkit for Successful International Negotiation and Business Partnering

The Integration of Strategic Planning, Business Process Reengineering & Continuous Improvement

Purchasing in the Information Age

A Case Study In JIT 'Point Of Use' Materials Supply

Applications of Process-Oriented Teams in Materials Management

Add Value or Bust

Supplier Relationships: A New Angle Using Common Sense

Developing Purchasing Strategies With NAPM Business Survey Data: What's Available and How To Use It

Achieving Legitimate Purchasing Process Improvement

Positive Management Strategy For Materials Lead Time

How to Create and Manage In-House Purchasing Education Programs

Why and How to Reengineer the Purchasing Process

Use of Periodic Performance Reviews to Build Buyer-Supplier Relationships

Which Way Did They Go? I'm Their Leader!

Just-In-Time Purchasing: Is It Really Strategic?

Training Supply Managers for Effective Internal and External Relationships

Introducing a Supplier Teaming and Quality Program

Developing a Purchasing Strategy: Real Time

The U.C.C. As A "Tool" For Procurement Professionals - Part II

Beyond the Procurement Card - The Next Steps

Focusing the Efforts of Suppliers to Meet Organizational Quality Strategies

Improving the Quality of Purchasing's Service

Developing a Supplier Audit for Quality

Entrepreneurship in Purchasing: Reinventing the Function

Examining Relationships...

Purchasing Implications Under NAFTA: Opportunities or Obstacles?

Changing the Mindset - Essential for Successful Supply Management

Quick Identification of Cost Reduction Opportunities - A Technique

The Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.) Progam