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1995 International Conference Proceedings (May 1995)

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The Reality of Strategic Relationships: Ten Keys to Success

Using Awareness Of Behavior Styles To Interact More Effectively

How NOT To Blow It In A Negotiation

Assignment of Overhead Costs In a Service Organization Using Activity-Based

The Purchasing Consortium - Is It Right For My Company?

Developing a Supply Management Strategy

The Seven Elements Of Employee Empowerment

Consolidating Repair Services Purchasing to Eliminate Non-Value Processes

Creating Competitive Advantage Through Reengineering Paper Based Information

Re-engineering For Service

Success Strategies For Cross-Functional Teams: Management's Role

Growth Pacts : Tomorrow's Success Begins Today

Effects of Activity-Based Costing on Purchasing

The Information Superhighway: What Does It Mean For Purchasing?

20/20 Vision: Do We Need Bifocals?

(Just-in-)Time For Integrated Transportation And Logistics Management

The Case Against Global Sourcing

Logistics: What Buyers Must Know

Analyzing Purchasing Performance Using Activity Based Costing

The Effectiveness of Humor in Business Communications

Organizations of The Future: SMT's - RDC's - TURF's

The Purchasing Professional - Future Culture/Future Role

Moving Beyond Purchasing: A More Comprehensive Approach To Business

Merits Logistics Management

MRPII For Planning JIT For Execution

Supplier Development: Expectations vs. Results

Multi-Location Service Companies: There Is A Better Purchasing Organizational

Beyond Reengineering: What's Left and What's Next?

21st Century Macro Trends: Impact on Purchasing/Materials

Developing Your C.P.M. Examination Study and Test Taking Skills

Materials and Service Management - The Cornerstone of Reengineering America

How To Affect Cost Reductions By Converting Non-Traditional Purchases Into

No Dragons Are Out There! The Art of Crisis Management

Healthcare Consolidation And Purchasing Management

Flexible Staffing in the '90s - Using Temporary Purchasing/Materials Personnel

National Health Care Outlook: Strategic Grand Rounds

Supply Management At CN: Strengthening The Links In The Chain

Purchasing Price-Volatile Commodities: Risk Control And Forecasting

Supplier Enterprise Management

Public Purchasing: Meeting Tomorrow's Challenges Today

Transforming The Purchasing Organization - Beyond Reengineering

Beyond Buying: Purchasing's Changing Role

Using Warranty Claims for Product Quality Improvement